Another update...

Good morning, everyone :)

It has been very busy here in the Ebbeson household on so many levels. I am not really good at this whole blog thing and realize that my last blog was quite some time ago. My apologies...

The new album, The Way of One, has been released ad is available for sale. You can get it at CD Baby, or just about anywhere else online (iTunes, Spotify,Amazon, etc...). You can get it in CD format or download it digitally to your device. There is a lot of great music on the CD ranging from rock to orchestral and piano music. It is a powerful album.

Here is a link -

With that album completed, I can move on to other music that is in my mind. One such project is a solo piano album called Play Through Me. The songs are on piano only; no strings, synth pads, or anything else. Just me with a great piano sound. This is the second album to feature me on just piano. It may be ready soon - I will try to keep you posted.

There are also 3 more projects that I am working on.

One is yet another piano album, but the songs on this project were written and recorded back in 2009. I never released the music back then, but it may find its way onto shelves and online stores in 2018. It is called From the Heart. A few of the songs have been featured on other projects by clients of mine to narrate over, but I will likely release it as its own album in 2018.

I also have an anthology that I am working on to span my music writing career of over 25 years. It will be a 3-CD release and will feature a CD for Rock, a CD for Easy Listening and a CD for Piano Music. It is hard to believe that it's been 25 years.... Additionally, it is hard to believe that I am at 19 albums officially released in my career as well. If Play Through Me comes out before the anthology, then I will have 20; the anthology will make 21 albums released. That is a lot of music, no matter who you are...

Another project, one that is very close to my heart, is something that I started over 20 years ago. It is an Adult Contemporary Christian album called Show Us the Way. What is unique about this album is that I will be singing on every song. After all this instrumental music that I have written, I have a handful of songs that I wrote lyrics for. I am actually recording the sound beds for these songs right now and will be adding vocals to them after the sound beds are done. I am very excited and yet scared about this album. I am glad to be able to finally get this one in the works, but am scared because my voice will be on there :)

Well, that's all for now. It is about 6:45am on a Wednesday morning. I have been up since around 5:15am and have to travel out of town today and perform at 4 different nursing facilities.

Thank you for reading and God Bless you all.



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