An update (albeit a bit late)...

Hi, everyone. I am sorry for not posting any sooner. I guess I got a bit busy :) Atmospheric Interventions is doing well and people have warmly received this new release. I am very happy that people like this one so much. It seems as though a slight departure from what I normally do was a good thing to do...

With that said, I am still working on the rock opera (The Way of One), but it is taking more of a position as a thematic album versus an all out rock opera. I have all of the soundbeds recorded and am adding solos and different touches now. I am also crafting lyrics for some of the songs, as well as narrative for some of the other songs. Some songs are going to stay as instrumentals as well. Two songs in particular, may very well have distorted steel guitar on them for a portion of the solo line. This is very Pink Floyd-esque, but it seems to work very well. I have a friend who plays steel and he was messing around with his steel on those two songs and we liked what he was doing.

Other songs feature me on my Strat playing rhythm guitar to add to the grit of the keyboard guitars already in the songs. It is really coming together nicely. I may be able to release this album in the summer, if I get it done in time. That would be nice, as I have been messing around with this project since 2013.

I have the artwork mostly finished, as well as the liner notes. It may change a bit if I choose to use CD Baby's digital distribution/download system, but it will be very similar to what you will see attached to this post.

The mood of this album is somewhat darker than what my other releases were, but there is joy in this album as well. It is somewhat biographical as well, although I did not immediately know this. It is about a journey of faith; the pitfalls, falling away, coming back to Him, receiving revelation, etc... It is very powerful. This is decidedly a rock effort though, but some of the songs are certainly classically oriented and there are also ballads. It is arguably one of the hardest sounding albums I have done.

Well, that's all for now...God Bless You all and stay tuned :)

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