While many may not know Harry's name directly, you have probably heard his music. 

Harry is a keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist who has released 24 solo albums

(as of August 2020) and has played on countless others.

Harry has been playing piano since he was a young child. 

After a number of years of lessons,

he added electric guitar/bass/drums to his skill set. 

He has been writing/recording original songs since his high school days

and learned the art of recording and producing.

In addition to Harry being a musician, he is also a certified recording engineer.

In 1998, he graduated with honors from the Audio Institute of America Recording Engineer program.

He also owns a private recording facility, Ebbeson's Studio 'E', and specializes in MIDI production and artist recording.

Harry also has a Nursing Home ministry called Music With Harry. 

He plays at nursing homes all over the state of Iowa and throughout the Midwest. 

Since September 2009, Harry has realized over 6,500 performances at different nursing homes in a 7 state area.  Ministry is very important to Harry and he is honored to serve using the tools that the Lord has given him.

His musical influences are varied and include, Yanni. John Tesh, Journey, Michael W. Smith, Petra, Whiteheart, Yes, Stratovarius, different funk music, film music, and classical/orchestral music.

He is an accomplished performer on piano, synth, organ, bass guitar and electric guitar.

Harry has a large collection of different synthesizers, and his main tools include keyboards from Behringer, Ensoniq, Korg, Lowrey, Roland, and Yamaha. 

He also uses Tascam recording devices and Alesis, JBL, and Presonus studio monitors.