Sunday Morning Update :)

Good morning and Happy Sunday to everyone :) I figured that I would give a quick "Hello" and update as to the goings on around here.

All of my gear is back at home from the old studio now. I felt that it was better to get all of my music making tools back to one location. It has proven to be a great thing; I already have another song almost done for the next volume in what may become the Atmospheric Interventions album series (I am up to 5 songs now). While I have had to write down on note cards as to what mixer input is what keyboard, it makes a big sound and the atmospheric layers (pardon the pun)are incredible.

I am completing the live show details now and making sure that all of the sounds are where they are supposed to be. I have about 4 albums worth of music ready to go for the live show. This includes Atmospheric Interventions (the new one), The Pullman Sessions (rock instrumental), God's Promise (a piano album) and My Prayer (another piano album). I have also included music from other previous albums as well, including some instrumental music from some artists I like.

What is neat about the live show is that the live music is almost identical to the studio albums. This is the beauty of technology. I also break out my Keytar and that is always a treat :)

I will keep you posted as to when I perform my solo show live so you can come out and say hello.

Stay Tuned :)



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