A new project, 4 years in the making...

Hello again, I am working on another project right now; something that I've been working on for about 4 years. It will be something of an instrumental rock opera. It has a name right now, "The Way of One". There are about 15 songs on it so far so it may be a double album by the time I am done. I am not sure of the release date for this, as some solos and all the production is still taking place. I will keep you posted though, as I am really excited about this project (as I am with all of my projects).

Between this, releasing Atmospheric Interventions, writing another series of Atmospheric Interventions (essentially a Part II), my normal music ministry job, and my Pink Floyd tribute band (http://www.thejcproject.com), I am quite busy.

Stay tuned :)


Harry Ebbeson III

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