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Ebbeson's Studio 'E' is a project and recording studio owned and operated by Harry Ebbeson III, a music industry veteran.

Harry originally opened his studio in 1993 in Northern California because he wanted to provide quality recording and arranging services for a fair price that working musicians could afford.  

With the advent of technology, the recording process for most musicians has been simplified where most try and do it completely on their own.  While this is great (this is how Harry got started), many recording issues can come up during these sessions and sometimes the artist ends up 'settling' for a mediocre product because they do not have reliable support available to help them or to take over the project.

Harry offers many different services, ranging from music writing/arranging, consulting, full recording and mastering services.

Harry Ebbeson III is an award-winning pianist/multi-instrumentalist experienced with almost all styles of music.  Harry graduated with honors from the Audio Institute of America Recording Engineer program in 1998.  He has recorded well over 100 albums, demos, and jingles for different artists worldwide, including solo albums, medical videos, soundtracks, bumper music, commercials, etc.

Harry released his 24th solo album (as of August 2020) and has been writing music for yet another album, likely to be released in 2021.  


Studio Services

Becuase of technology, Harry can record an unlimited number of audio tracks between hardware/software.  Countless plugins for software, as well as outboard gear, make your project sound 'just right'.

An array of equipment is used for mastering, including outboard gear and computer programs to achieve the highest quality possible.

Well over 20 synthesizers are available for sound creation and song sequencing.  These synths are digital and analog for just the right sound for your song(s).  Harry also has an Ibanez bass guitar and a Fender Strat with the Roland VG-8 guitar system available if needed.

Harry Ebbeson III is an award-winning pianist/multi-instrumentalist experienced in almost all styles of music.  Contact Harry to discuss your specific needs.


Negotiable but normally starting around $35/hour


Negotiable but normally starting around $35/hour

Arranging/Music Writing

Negotiable but normally starting around $35/hour


Opening Hours

By Appointment
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